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Top 10 Largest E-commerce Online Shopping Websites

Top 10 Largest E-commerce About Online Shopping Websites

What’s is eCommerce & Top 10 Largest E-commerce sites.

E-commerce (electronic business commerce) is the activity of accessing or purchasing goods or services over the Internet or through online services. Technology advancements within the semiconductor industry drive electronic commerce, which is one of the largest sectors of the electronics industry. It was first used in California’s Electronic Commerce Act, carried by the late California State Assembly Utilities & Commerce Committee Chairman Gwen Moore (D-L.A.) and enacted in 1984, by Dr. Robert Jacobson, Principal Consultant to the Committee. Electronic commerce, also called internet commerce, is the process of buying and selling goods and services, and the delivery of payment and data that facilitates the sale with direct payment or Cash on Delivery service at the doorstep of purchaser product from online any eCommerce website makes at different CMS content management system or self-customized web-based software. Online commerce typically involves the World Wide Web for some of the transaction’s life cycle, although it may also be achieved in other ways such as by e-mail.

What types of e-commerce are there?
The way in which commerce is conducted has also evolved over time. The following are the most traditional types of e-commerce models:

  • B2B – Business to Business
  • B2C – Business to Consumer
  • D2C – Direct to Consumer
  • C2C – Consumer to Consumer
  • C2B – Consumer to Business

Businesses and consumers can exchange a variety of different objects as part of e-commerce transactions involving different transactional relationships between them.

1. Wholesale
2. Retail
3. Dropshipping
4. Subscription
5. Crowdfunding
6. Digital products
7. Physical products
8. Services

Top 10 E-commerce Online Shopping sites in Pakistan and all our world.

Talking about the trend of E-commerce Websites and e-commerce sites in Pakistan and Governance that’s increasing in Pakistan and today’s largest company amazon officially starts registration sellers in Pakistan. The eCommerce landscape around the world is bright given that many companies are embracing the online system of trade and doing business. Pakistan is already the second biggest e-commerce market in South Asia.

  1. Amazon – amazon.com
  2. eBay – ebay.com
  3. Aliexpress – aliexpress.com
  4. Daraz – daraz.pk
  5. Bestbuy bestbuy.com
  6. Walmart – walmart.com
  7. etsy – etsy.com
  8. Noon UAE/SA – noon.com
  9. DHgate dhgate.com
  10. Alibaba – alibaba.com
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